AntrimED Handbook

Check in here for the August 2017 printed handbook.  The content contained herein is specific to Antrim Area Hospital and may differ from your local working practices. If you find something useful and sensible please feel feel to adapt. Use the subpages to check for any updates to the relevant sections that sometimes happen throughout the year between print-runs

The Complete Antrim ED Handbook Aug 2017 (pdf format ~12MB)

Here are the relevant sections split up into smaller chunks!

Working in the ED

The Patients Journey

Observation Ward

Pitfalls , Consent HCAI Legal and Ethical


Major Incident & Disaster Planning






Renal and Genitourinary

Mental Health



Metabolic Endocrine

ENT and Eyes

Infectious Diseases

Injury and Musculoskeletal


Pain relief and Sedation


Paeds Resuscitation

Paeds Infectious Diseases

Paeds DKA

Paeds Respiratory

Paeds Pain relief and Sedation

Paeds Injury and MSK

Paeds Safeguarding





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