EM Morsels #1

Bitesize nuggets of interesting EM knowledge gleaned from around the web. Hopefully they will stimulate further thought and knowledge acquisition! (Especially since I have just rediscovered my epic 1994 MCCQE tome published by the University of Toronto Med School – awesome amount of knowledge in it!)


1] Inguinal canal and hernias – great simple resource at teachmeanatomy.info – refreshes the anatomy you have forgotten!

All the inguinal anatomy you had forgotten....

All the inguinal anatomy you had forgotten….









2] Left upper lobe collapse – hazy veil over the left hemithorax superior>inferior. There may also be the ‘Luftsichel‘ sign

Left upper lobe collapse


3] Central extensor tendon slip ruptureElson’s test

Neat simple test to identify this injury before they go Boutonnière…


In this position if tip of finger can extend at DIP joint to touch the flat surface (of the side of my printer!) then the central extensor slip is ruptured. The PIP joint MUST be at 90 degrees flexion.

4] Eponymous condition of the week #1

Segond fracture – avulsion fracture off the lateral tibial plateau

segond #

Looks innocuous radiologically but has a very high association with ACL tear (75%) and meniscal tear (60-75%)

5] Eponymous condition of the week #2

Pelligrini-Stieda lesion – post MCL injury ossification usually at medial femoral condyle

Pelligrini Stieda lesion












6] Flexor Tendons

7] Hand deformities and their causes

Media preview


8] Skin lesion nomenclature

How to describe a skin lesion!

How to describe a skin lesion!