The department has links with BASICS(NI) and NIAS through Dr Davy Green.

Throughout the year there will be CPD nights and other sessions including multiservice events.

If you are interested in Pre-hospital Medicine contact Dr Green.

ATACC Manual

Follow @ATACCFaculty on twitter or watch their webpage at PHEM ATACC for the manual at the bottom of the page

Joint Emergency Services Training

Dr Green Bush House 008 Dr Green Bush House 069 Dr Green Bush House 153 Dr Green Bush House 197

NI HEMS Public Consultation

The NIHEMS Public consultation is now finished and the health minister has announced a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for Northern Ireland

HEMS Announcement


The Trauma Professionals Blog

The First Law of Trauma: Any anomaly in your trauma patient is due to trauma, no matter how unlikely it may seem.

The Second Law of Trauma: Your trauma patient is bleeding to death until you prove otherwise.

The Third Law of Trauma: The only place an unstable trauma patient can go is to the OR.

The Fourth Law of Trauma: Even awake, alert, and stable patients die. And it hurts that much more when they do.




Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

ALSG algorithm 

Sydney HEMS