Critical Appraisal: Introduction

Preparation is important to pass critical appraisal short answer questions. The main reason candidates fail is because of a lack of preparation. I did a course in Manchester and studied the critical appraisal book that came free with the course, which was very useful. The other course that I am aware of is ‘Critical appraisal for FCEM’, which is run by Emergency Physician, and gives a focused approach to the FCEM critical appraisal SAQs.

Courses available for critical appraisal:

  1. The critical appraisal company: Read clinical papers with confidence.
  2. Critical appraisal for FCEM.
  3. Yorkshire FRCEM revision course.

Books or online courses:

  1. Gosall N, Gosall G. The doctor’s guide to critical appraisal.4th Edition. Pastest; 2011
  2. Bootland D, Coughlan E, Galloway R, Goubet S. Critical Appraisal for FCEM. CRC Press; 2014
  3. Greenhalgh T. How to read a paper: The basics of evidence-based medicine.3rd Edition. London:Blackwell; 2006
  4. Crombie Iain K. The pocket guide to critical appraisal. London: BMJ; 1996
  5. Ajetunmobi O. making sense of critical appraisal. 1st Ed. London:Arnold; 2002
  6. Critical appraisal online course

Other resources:

  1. Emergency Medicine Ireland 
  2. St. Emilyn’s Emergency Medicine