Curriculum Map

Emergency Department Teaching Curriculum Map

Curriculum Area Curriculum Mapping Lecture Workshop Cases Simulation Online Material WBA Handbook
History taking CC1 p22
Clinical Examination CC2 p24
Decision making and clinical reasoning CC5
Team working and patient safety CC8
Managing long term conditions and promoting patient self-care CC11
Communication with colleagues and co-operation CC15
Medical Ethics and Confidentiality CC17
Valid consent CC18 p38
Audit CC22
Teaching and training CC23
Anaphylaxis CMP1 p64
Cardio-respiratory Arrest CMP2 p60
Major Trauma CMP3 p163-169
Septic Patient CMP4 p66
Shocked Patient CMP5 p58-68
Unconscious Patient CMP6 p129-130, p235-236
Abdominal pain including loin pain CAP1 p67,


Breathlessness CAP6 p75-78, p87-100
Chest Pain CAP7 p68-71
Cyanosis CAP10 p87-100
Fits/Seizures CAP15 p131-133
Headache CAP17 p134-135
Head Injury CAP18 p167-171
Neck pain CAP21 p175-177
Painful Ear CAP24 p149
Palpitations CAP25 p61-63
Rash CAP28 p225-226
Red Eye CAP29 p151-152
Sore Throat CAP31 p150-151
Traumatic limb and joint injuries CAP33 p171-195
Vaginal bleeding CAP34 p200-205
Ventilatory Support CAP35 p94-95
Wound Assessment and management CAP38 p193-194

Key – – Covered during morning teaching sessions, – Covered during induction, – Hyperlink to useful online material, – Shop floor experience

RCEM curriculum August 2015

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