EM Morsels #3

Central Cord Syndrome

A short case regarding CCS


Neck Zones
Inline image 1

Zone I => sternal notch to cricoid cartilage

  • CT angiography, endoscopy, and bronchoscopy are indicated for evaluation.
    • Note: suspect hemothorax or pneumothorax in patients presenting with dyspnea or absent breath sounds (20% of patients with penetrating neck trauma have a pneumothorax or hemothorax on further examination).
  • Zone II => cricoid cartilage to angle of the mandible
    • Violation of the platysma mandates surgical exploration.
  • Zone III => angle of the mandible and above
    • CT angiography and endoscopy indicated for evaluation.


Standardising Infusions







How to assess and describe a lump 🙂

Do you remember learning all this as a med student?