Antrim ED is linked with both Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University Schools of Medicine – 3rd year students have the opportunity of taking a SSC – Student Selected Component in the ED. The SSC offered is ‘Practical procedures in the ED’ and allows them to learn and develop essential practical skills such as venepuncture, cannulation, catheterisation and suturing.

SSC requirements (QUB) include submitting one case and a project – see below for examples. The main idea behind the project is over time to build up a resource of ‘how-to’ projects than can benefit other medical students!

We also run the Peri-operative and Emergency Medicine module (POEMs) throughout the year (QUB) . Topics covered include airway management, local anaesthetics, approach to the critically ill patient, IV fluids/blood products and practical prescribing.

Medical students from around the UK are also welcome for electives during the year. However since the pandemic Covid-19 has unfortunately resulted in cancellation of our ED elective placements for non QUB/UU medical students.

QUB case template 2015-16

Previous 3rd Year SSC projects

Major Incidents

Thomas Splint


12 Lead ECG

Short arm cast

Combat Application Tourniquet

Pelvic binder

ECG Analysis


CPR Adults

Paediatric CPR

Safe Procedural Sedation


We hope you enjoy your time in the department and get to see how an emergency department functions. There is a good case mix here and there should be plenty of patients for you to see.

During your time here there will be tutorials which unfortunately, due to the nature of our work, are not timetabled but they will be delivered during your time here. As we upload our powerpoint talks they can be accessed by following the links below.

POEMS Chest Pain

POEMS Woundcare and suturing

POEMS Abdominal pain

 POEMS Breathlessness #1

POEMS Breathlessness #2