Management viva: Introduction

Introduction: Current FRCEM Final Management Viva

Management viva still will be part of the FRCEM final examination until new format introduce in August 2018.

Please check the link listed below,

  1. 2015 curriculum

  1. Management portfolio guidance

  1. Regulation and information pack for FRCEM final examination

You are assessed against a number of defined criteria with a total of 40 marks available. You are then required to obtain an overall score of 23 or above in order to pass the Management Viva.

You need to study smart for the management viva. This mean you need to know what is the common themes, what are they looking for ( marking sheet) and you will require lots of practice before the day.


Aims of management viva

Before we go to a bit further, let look at the aims of the management viva. If you have a better undertanding of the viva, perhaps you can tailor you answers during the viva.

To able to work as a consultant on day 1, therefore you must be able

  • To show ability to prioritise and time manage
  • To demonstrate a good decision making and delegate tasks
  • Show a good and effective ommnunication skills
  • Manage the shopfloor
  • Show knowledge on complaints, clinical governance, ethics and probity, medical awareness and disciplinary procedure


Topic to be considered for management viva

In addition to the guidelines, candidate should pay attention to current issues, facing the physician in the UK or abroad. Such topics that came up in the viva in the past including:

  1. Ebola infection
  2. Swine flu infection
  3. Francis report
  4. Duty of candour

Checklist of topic will help studyin for the management viva. This checklist is not exhoustve and can new topic can be add to it

  1. Handling the media in ED
  2. Medicolegal issues in the ED
  3. Manpower issues
  4. Doctors in difficulty
  5. Clinical governance
  6. Reporting serious incidence/ RIDDOR
  7. Consent
  8. Gillick competency
  9. GSW and knife injury
  10. Coroner
  11. Pornography at workplace
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Mental capacity act
  14. Dealing with police in the ED
  15. Handling a complaint
  16. SIRI
  17. Risk management
  18. NCAS
  19. MHA 2007
  20. Data protection act
  21. Motorist/ DVLA
  22. Whistle blower act
  23. Francis law
  24. Never ever events
  25. Disciplinary action
  26. SWOT/ PEST analysis
  27. EWTD
  28. Freedom of information act
  29. Child protection issue
  30. Illegal drugs in ED
  31. Duty of candour
  32. KPI
  33. Conflict resolution


Resources for the management viva

I am sure there are many books and online resources available to prepare for the management viva. I used the folllowing resources

  1. Baxter C, Brennan M, Coldicott Y. The Practical Guide to Medical Ethics & Law. PasTest, cheshire 2002
  2. Montague Alan. Legal problems in Emergency Medicine. Oxford . New York 1996
  3. Online resources
  4. MPS case study
  5. FCEM preparation

Courses for the preparation for FRCEM management viva

iI you have plenty of time (and cash), I would suggest candidate to attend one of the courses listed. Plnety of practices is require to guarantee a pass at first attempt.

Courese available

  1. Manchester Emergency medicine
  2. London FCEM course
  3. Yorskshire FRCEM revision course
  4. Newcastle FCEM
  5. West midlands FCEM course

Edited by Dr. T Hassan